Compensation Survey


EFI has been conducting Executive Compensation Surveys since 2004 annually for Engineering, Pharmaceutical and FMCG industries. On participants’ demands we added logistics sector in 2016. Some companies in services sector (including IT, Banking, Medical etc) and construction and infrastructure sector have expressed their interest to participate the survey. Hence, we are adding these sectors in the current survey. 

Sectors to Cover in the survey
1            Engineering & Manufacturing Sector
2            Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sector
3            FMCG Sector
4            Logistics Sector
5            Services Sector (IT / Banking / Medical)
6            Infrastructure Sector

Job equivalence will be established through job matching of clearly identifiable jobs across levels and positions. The Survey is carried out after establishing job equivalence at each of 6 levels, and, 12 benchmark jobs across the survey participant organizations. The levels and benchmark positions could be customized for different sectors as per suggestions by participants.

The data will be collected, collated, and analyzed to indicate key elements of compensation, also total cost to the company.  Performance related incentives also will be covered in the Survey.

Survey reports will be different for different sectors.  Industry-wise comparative median also will be provided on demand.

Before finalizing the report efforts will be made to verify respective company data with its authorized representative. Suggestions from participants could also be considered.

Confidentiality of the data
Data is treated in strictest confidence.  Confidentiality is fully assured in the Survey Report.
Total Compensation Report 
EFI will give you coded data of all participating companies, which will be benchmarked against your company’s compensation.  It will also indicate the Range, Median and the 75th percentile. The data will also provide participating companies base salary increases matrix.

Survey Report                   30th November, 2017.

In order to keep our deadline as indicated, a line in confirmation at the earliest of your participation in the Survey will be greatly appreciated.

Cost of the Report
Participation fee is unchanged - Rs.35,000/- for the members of EFI/EFSI/BCCI (Bengal Chamber)/PHDCCI (PHD Chamber) and Rs.40,000/- for the non-members plus 18 per cent GST as per rules. Copy for other Sectors will be available at Rs.15,000/- each plus 18 per cent GST as per rules. We have specially kept the participation fees low to encourage wider participation. 

Value of the Report
With the EFI Compensation Report you may choose to :
• Set your corporate remuneration policy, as our data is based on actual benchmarked positions.   
• Develop a salary structure for each Job/Salary, Grade or positions of similar job size.
• Comparing the remuneration of individual positions with the remuneration prevailing for jobs of equivalent size.
• Establishing the appropriate remuneration for new positions, or when recruiting.
• Fixed and variable compensation mix
• Comparing the overall levels of remuneration in your organization with the consolidated practice of the survey group’s average, minimum and maximum salary pertaining to :
•    6 levels (Officers up to Directors/Vice-Presidents)
•    12 benchmark positions

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