Remuneration Survey

Highlights of the Remuneration Survey

  • Staff strength by skill classification
  • Gross wages with its components
  • CTC & weighted average of remuneration at minimum and maximum along with average years service which can be used to compare your wage level/costs in relation to your competitors.

Practices relating to incentive payments, leaves of all types, loans and advances, holidays, health insurances, health check-ups, sports and other welfare activities, medical reimbursements, non-statutory retirement benefits, etc. etc.

The data will be helpful in planning and monitoring the wage costs, developing and maintaining cost effective benefits structure and other initiatives to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

The survey can be long-term data source to deal with Union demands which keep coming from time to time; even after long term settlement is signed.

We plan to bring out this survey, year on year basis - so that you always have frequently and much needed data available to you all times.

Incidentally these kinds of surveys have been very popular in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines.

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